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Option 2: Our 4&1 Plan

The Advanced Medical Weight Loss Augusta 4&1 Plan is designed for people who want to lose weight rapidly but also enjoy one meal with family or friends.

The first week of your 4&1 Plan is designed to increase your energy and begin the fat burning process. We recommend eating four nutritionally rich and complete supplements each day along with a lean meat and a salad or green or yellow vegetables .

Under this plan you will have your first protein shake or bar within one hour of waking and then have additional shakes or snacks every three or four hours throughout the day. You can have your one meal at lunch or dinner. You may also have an evening protein snack if you get hungry or need to meet your minimum protein requirement for the day.

You common-sense meal will consist of five to seven ounces of lean meat such as chicken, fish or beef, a salad or a low carbohydrate green, yellow, or red vegetable serving and some “good" fat. Dring the first week we recommend absolutely no fruit, juice, candy, cookies, ice cream, pasta, breads, rice, cereals, coffee creamers, ketchup, desserts, grits, macaroni and cheese, alcohol, sugared gum or even breathe mints. Drink at least 10 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of non-calorie fluids each day to promote the removal of toxic substances stored in the fat being removed.

Be patient ... it takes two to five days for your body to adjust to the mild fat burning process so you may experience hunger, dizziness, fatigue, and irritability initially. We recommend celery, dill pickles, and chicken or beef bouillon dissolved in a cup of hot water each day to alleviate these symptoms.

The second week and beyond on the Advanced Medical Weight Loss Augusta 4&1 Plan includes maintaining your correct protein intake to protect muscle mass, which is critical for efficient calorie burning and weight loss. However, this is the time to gradually introduce more low carbohydrate vegetables and fruit to your program for increased fiber and variety.

Dr. Thaxton and his staff at Advanced Medical Weight Loss Augusta will provide you with detailed instructions for this healthy weight loss plan.