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Let's face it. When you lose weight, you feel better about yourself, your body and your life. You have increased energy, less pain, more self-esteem, and you're less likely to develop life threatening illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, stroke, and even cancer just to name a few.

Our goal is to enhance the lives and improve the health of every patient we treat. We do this by teaching the latest scientific principles of weight loss in order to empower our patients to take control of their own health to not only live longer but also to live better. If you have become frustrated with continuous cycles of losing and then regaining weight, there is a solution. At Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness, you'll find:

  • Individualized and medically supervised weight loss education provided by a caring physician and supportive staff.
  • Revolutionary body contouring and fat reduction technology that can help you achieve results you never thought possible.
  • A thorough history and physical examination, detailed body composition analysis, and laboratory studies to help identify your needs.
  • Numerous educational resources to help you become a partner in your long-term health and success.


Board certified weight loss specialist Dr. Paul Thaxton specializes in creating diet plans that work around your health needs and lifestyle.


Our weight loss programs incorporate cutting-edge technology, the latest scientific research and safe medications to help you reach your goals quickly and safely.


Losing weight is hard enough without the plan being complicated. We design our plans to fit your lifestyle for convenience and results.


You will lose weight. Depending on the plan we choose, you could lose up to 16 pounds in six weeks and be equiopped to achieve long-term success.

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Our clients typically see rapid weight loss within the first month and many lose 16-20 pounds in six weeks.

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We will equip you with the information, the skills and the guidance you need to be successful.


From our sophisticated InBody 520 Body Composition Analyzer to our state-of-the-art Zerona Laser Liposuction equipment, we use the latest technology.


These injections help reduce the storage of fat, increase your metabolism and give you increased energy.


You'll never walk alone on your quest to reach your goal weight. We will take every step with you.


Reduce caloric intake while protecting your muscle and resetting your metabolism.


Set testosterone levels back to normal. Allow your body to function at optimal levels.

Physician Supervised Weight Loss

The cornerstone of our practice is our physician supervised weight loss program that combines science-based physician supervised care with individually tailored plans to help you lose weight safely and keep it off for life. Our plans are easy to follow, and are structured to help you avoid hunger and cravings that are typical on a regular diet. Our program is very affordable. We are always open and up front about costs - nothing is hidden and there are no contracts to sign


"I came to Dr. Thaxton because I had tried everything else to lose weight without success. With his kind and caring attitude, his easy to follow program and the products he offers, I've lost 40 pounds and I feel better than I have in forever. I picked up two 20 pound bags of dog food and and realized just how heavy 40 pounds is. I was carrying that extra weight around all this time on my body! No wonder I had no energy."

"I have struggled with weight my entire adult life and have lost more weight than I can count. I have started a program with Dr. Thaxton and for the first time I am not hearing that it is my fault. Dr. Thaxton has researched obesity for years and his research has proven that there are many factors at play. During my visits at his office I am always encouraged and always praised, never made to feel like I have failed."

"I was searching for a non-invasive procedure that would help me lose weight and sculpt some problem areas like my thighs and stomach. I wanted something that required no recovery or downtime. My friend went in for Zerona Laser treatments and ended up with phenomenal results that have lasted for six months. Since we have similar figures, I immediately sought out the doctor for a consultation."


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