Sometimes diet and exercise alone are simply not enough. More often than not, it is the simple fact your body lacks vital nutrients and vitamins. In turn, you can’t shed those excess pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of for so long. To burn fat and build muscle, you need to replenish those essential vitamins and minerals.

The body needs vital nutrients and minerals to guarantee hormones are functioning as they should. Lipotropic injections might just be your solution! Our Medical Weight Loss Program uses all the scientific tools to help you lose weight safely. One of the weapons in our arsenal is a weekly injection of a lipotropic solution.

At Advanced Medical Weight Loss we use a Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection, a genuine weight loss product that has been perfected using the latest clinical science to effectively help your body burn fat more efficiently. When MIC injections are constantly administered together with a diet of low calories and frequent exercise, this medication produces outstanding results.

It is made up of a formula that consists of numerous lipotropics. Lipotropics are essential amino acids whose function are to mobilize fat patches and fat cells in your body. You can read more about other lipotropic injections here. Other functions of these amino acids include; enhancing the functions of the liver by assisting in the metabolism of fat cells. They help prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the liver and body, and they also help in eliminating abnormal fat cells and fat deposits on various sites of the body. Complementary research also shows that when lipotropic agents are combined with Vitamin B-12 injections, they react to create a synergy between their molecules which facilitates exceptional burning of fat throughout your body as well as increase energy. As long as you strictly follow your program and the advice from your physician, all these combined metabolic processes will help you to lose fat in a very short time.
Using MIC Injections for Weight-loss

Losing weight is a major concern to more people living in America today than ever before. Many people have struggled for years with different weight loss programs and conventional weight loss methods and products with dismal results. Our MIC+ injections can enhance your efforts in reaching your weight loss goal.

MIC+ injections are composed of essential amino acids that play a role in the breaking down of fat, utilization of fat, distribution of energy and removal of toxins from the body.

Lipotropic injections improve liver function allowing it to function more efficiently and help prevent fat accumulation. on the primary fatty deposit regions like the inner thighs, the stomach, the neck, hips, buttocks and the underarms.

The amino acids found on the MIC include;

  • Methionine – This is a lipotropic agent that has characteristics similar to Inositol. It generally serves as an amplifier that speeds up the burning of fat and metabolic processes.
  • Inositol –This is a lipotropic agent that helps your liver to remove fat from your body.
  • Choline –This is another lipotropic agent that prevents fat and cholesterol from accumulating on one part of your body. It uniformly distributes this fat to various regions in the body where it can be metabolized to produce energy.
  • Vitamin B-12 has also been suggested by clinicians and highly appreciated by patients who have used it. It is described as a catalyst that speeds up metabolic reactions. When combined the essential hypertrophic amino acids, the results are enhanced.
  • Do these injections really work?

How do they work exactly?

The liver performs many functions in the body. Its major functions are detoxification and metabolism. When you begin using lipotropic injections, the amino acids stimulate the liver and encourage it to optimize the process of metabolism. This is to say that these injections boost your body’s energy by providing a temporary but highly effective increase in metabolic rates and processes in your body.

What else can I expect? Additional benefits with Lipotropic injections

Increased metabolism resulting in weight loss is great, but for those who are tired, groggy, or need more energy, you are also going to benefit from the injections. In addition to seeing your weight go down, there are other benefits you can expect. Among these are.

  • Improved heart health: Vitamins and minerals are going to help decrease bad cholesterol levels. Risk for heart disease will also decrease when you include diet and exercise to the regimen.
  • Enhanced mood: “Happy hormones” are released, meaning you are going to feel better/happier. Energy levels are stimulated, mental clarity is improved, you find it easier to remember things, and your nervous system will function more streamlined.
  • Liver Health: One of the main benefits is that lipotropic will help take care of your liver. It keep it clean, helps in detox, and encourages proper flushing, for optimal liver health and functionality. Further, toxins and bile reduced, limiting your success with weight loss.
  • Balanced Hormones: If your hormones aren’t functioning properly, losing weight is more difficult. If hormone imbalances discovered, safe and effective ways of addressing this issue.
  • Improved gut/appetite health: Lipotropics can help aid as an appetite suppressant. Basically, you won’t feel hungry as often as you used to. This improves your metabolism and weight is lost.
  • Improved looks: Longer and healthier nails, shinier hair, and improved visual appearance, all occur with lipotropic injections.
  • Improved immune health: Inositol is known to help improve immune system health
  • Arthritis relief: With healthy growth, formation, and protection of cartilage and joints, you can avoid issues like arthritis as you get older. This is especially good news for those with a family history of it.